My passion: fly fishing

I think most people decide to take on a type of fishing for several reasons, from which the most important is the calm and sheer relaxation it provides, that’s interrupted only by the excitement you feel when something bites (or seems to bite). It’s an activity that offers you plenty of time to reflect on your problems and come up with solutions that you could never think of in some other circumstances.


The type of fishing you choose to practice is entirely based on personal preferences. I’ve seen people fishing only on the border of a lake, while others prefer wading in the surf, not because it’s the most fun, but because it appeals to them more. I started fly fishing with a friend some years ago and I loved the basic cast, the loop that the fly line forms when it’s in the air, the simple motion of the rod and I continued doing it. In time, I got better, learnt new techniques other than the basic cast, improved my gear, and bought all the items and tools that I needed to make my tackle equipment highly efficient. I am now self-trained in all things related to fly fishing and I dare say not many have similar skills.


Just the other day, I met a fisherman who was new to this particular fishing style. He said he felt quite attached to it since he started practicing it during holidays and I replied that I perfectly understood how that feels like. For an hour or so, I helped him with some basics; he liked my teaching and suggested that I should help others train as a hobby, or at least create a blog about my fishing experiences. It didn’t occur to me until I heard him say it, but that particular idea had an appeal to me. After all, if I have the passion and the knowledge, why not help others get acquainted with fly fishing?

If you’re thinking about starting fly fishing, you can browse the internet for some useful tips and then try your luck. This blog will explain the basics of fly fishing, teach you some useful techniques, do’s and don’ts, pros and cons, busting some myths about fishing in general and inform people on other related  topics that I think could be useful for those interested. Though in the beginning it may seem a bit difficult, fishing gives back much more than you invest in it. It’s really a time that belongs to you alone, with nobody to disturb you, during which you can empty your mind and temporarily put aside all your problems and worries.


If that hasn’t convinced you, think that fishing is a sport in which you can nurture many skills you didn’t know you possessed. You can even go professional and participate in small competitions and tournaments. There’s even the possibility that you win good money by practicing this sport, believe it or not. That’s all for today, I’ll be back with a fly fishing post soon!